The marine accessories produced by Foresti & Suardi are the most renowned and appreciated among the high-end market.

The Company in Predore is one of the last real foundries to be active in Italy, and it succeeded in becoming one of the more esteemed industrial reality of the local and international panorama.

The factory is subdivided in specialized sections, both in terms of instruments both in terms of human resources, based onto the different phases of the brass processing, that remains the main material and that is shaped and finished in many styles and forms: it all starts from the production of the mould and its processing tools in the Mechanical Section, equipped with task centers, electrical erosion machines and Cad-Cam systems.

After making the mould, the brass is melt at 950 centigrade degrees and injected in the Foundry Section; then, the die cast pieces are sent to the Mechanical Manufactoring Section, where they’re lathed, trigged and refined in order to give them the final shape, and to be sent to outsourced master craftsmen to be polished and galvanized. Once back to the factory they’re verified and assembled.

The above described one is the “standard” procedure, used in Predore to make the “core product” of Foresti & Suardi, but there’s also to say that the traditional processes of nickel-plating and chrome-plating have been progressively improved, and are now very close to the state of the art in terms of durability and erosion resistance, in most of the cases even superior than the one typical of the stainless steel products (considered, wrongly, more suitable).

Anyway, Foresti & Suard extended its activities to many metallic materials, in order to guarantee the production flexibility, even more important when searching for a specific material property above the others: for example, they use steel for pieces destined to be mechanically stressed, or aluminum for object that need lightweight and pliability.

As usual, Foresti & Suardi’s approach is both brave and experimental, both based onto solid grounds: the knowhow developed through 50 years includes innovative quality control systems and tests, made for verify the pieces conformity to the Company’s standards, and the consequent durability and aesthetic value.

l, both based onto solid he other of the cases even superior thanthe one typical of the stainless steel proThose potentials, obviously, could only be funneled into a big and diversified offer, not limited to metals but extended to other materials, such as leathers and fabrics that, coupled with brass, steel or aluminum, make of them unique and contemporary objects, able to satisfy any aesthetic inclination and to become accessory, or complement, inside marine, civil or industrial environments.

Foresti & Suardi S.p.A

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